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Welcome to our small family business!

Our step by step guide to creating your very own personalised candle.

If at any time you want to make a start just click here

Step 1 - Pick your fragrance (Can be changed later)

Step 2 - Click the Start creating button

Step 3 - The "Builder Loads" with the first standard design

Step 4 - You can change the design easily by clicking the Pre-made Designs Button and selecting a design

NOTE: If you change the Base Design of the Label after you have started editing, you will lose your design.

Step 5 - Once chosen you can add to the design or upload your own image from Instagram, Facebook or your device

Step 6 - If you keep the design, you may be able to change the colours by clicking the element you wish to change the colour of. A Colour picker area will appear if the element clicked is editable.

Step 7 - If you upload an Image, you can rotate it, change the size and position of your image to fit exactly how you want.

Step 8 - Use pre-set image filters to change the image colours - just like Instagram.

Step 9 - Once happy with the Lid design, click on the Side icon and start to design the label for the side of the candle.

Step 10 - To edit the text, click it then change the text and choose a colour and the font style.

Step 11 - Each part of the Label is customisable, either by changing the colour, removing existing elements or adding new ones

You can choose from our Gallery of Images, Backgrounds and Clipart designs.

Step 12 - After the design is complete, you can still go back and edit any element on the Lid or the Side Label by clicking the Lid or Side icon.

You can even change the Fragrance of the Candle too.!

NOTE: If you change the Base Design of the Label after you have started to design, you will lose your design.

Step 13 - Once happy with your design, click on Add to Cart and then you can check out.

We will then produce your order.

So you're now ready to go. Just click here and start being creative !

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