Lily Flame Fairy Dust


The amazing Fairy Dust Fragrance is the most popular fragrance Lily Flame produce.

Based on a fine fragrance, It's Powdery, Warm, Sparkly and Magical.

In short it's Fairy Dust!

With a wider range of Fairy Dust products now available, the popular Fairy Fust Fragrance is LilyFlames and Candle With Cares biggest seller.

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Fairy Dust Candle Tin - 35 Hours Burn Time


Fairy Dust Candle Jar - 50 Hours Burn Time

Fairy Dust Diffuser and Refill - 6-8 weeks

Fairy Dust Room Spray

Fairy Dust Wax Melts - 120 Hours of fragrance

Fairy Dust Hand Lotion - with added Fairy Magic Sparkle

Fairy Dust Hand Wash

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