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Festive Super Sevens Candle Boxed Gift Set

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The Seriously Scented Festive Super Sevens Collection is a Set of 7 Large Tealights.

"It's like opening a box of Chocolates but finding Candles instead"

Ideal for a Gift for anyone (Even treat yourself)

Each Set consists of 7 Large Tealight Candles in a stylish Presentation box.

Each Tealight burns for 10 hours and is decorated with glitter toppings so that's 70 Hours in total !

  • Fragrances are Frankincense, Jingle Berry, Tuscan Velvet, Snowflake, Garland, Cinnamon, Sleigh Bells

Candle Carton Dimensions are

Length 24.5cm, Width 11.5cm, Height 4.5cm