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Look after yourself this week

As we near the end of the Mental Health week we have assembled some fragrances that we feel can be used as part of your wellness routine. Relaxing fragrances such as Lavender & Chamomile. or uplifting fragrances such as Mango & Bergamot. These should be ideal to help you unwind, relax or boost your energy if that's what you need. And with prices starting at £3.00, we're pretty sure you are feeling relaxed about that! Check them all out here

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We have decided to create an "oops" section on the website where these goodies can live at rock bottom prices AND avoid landfill.

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Plastic Free by 2022

We are working hard to eliminate single-use plastics from our ranges completely, with our aim to be plastic-free by 2022. This last month alone, we successfully removed all bubble wrap and similar from our despatch packaging, favouring recycled paper for wrapping and recycled cardboard for our boxes, as well as moving to the use of paper packaging tape as an alternative to the plastic-based cello tapes.

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