Just a quick news update after what turned out to be a very busy Mothers Day week!

(You guys really rock! Thank you so much for your orders, emails and quite frankly amazing feedback via our reviews)

We have a growing pile of less than perfect items that to be honest have nothing wrong with them functionally. Either I have dropped them when packing (Tins seem to dent so easily!) or the outer boxes are looking tatty or have been slightly torn, water damaged etc.

Obviously not ideal for gifting but 100% useable and working.

So, we have decided to create an "oops" section on the website where these goodies can live at rock bottom prices AND avoid landfill.

This way, you can grab yourself a bargain, we create some well needed space and we all do a little to help save the planet!

Check them all out now, and bookmark the page as I really do my best when I'm packing but accidents do happen!

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Really pleased with the candle I’ve just received. It’s the rustic pillar candle in fading wine red. We’ve just redecorated the porch and have got a tall iron candle stand, it looks perfect and finishes the room beautifully. I’ll definitely come back to candle with care again, very quick delivery and good quality, what else could I ask for!


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