New items for October 2019!

New items for October 2019!

Lily-flame candles have been very busy this year and have brought out a few new products which we now have in stock!

Each one has it's own unique label design and the fragrances are just.......#Scentsational

Home Sweet Home Candle

Home Sweet Home

'Where the heart is'

The perfect gift of a subtle blend of coconut and vanilla to create a warm welcome and put a smile on anyone's face. 


'A spellbound dream'

A sparkly, hedonistic blended scent, arcane and mystic all wrapped up in a sassy, vibrant orange and electric blue package. where the ancient and modern meet in sweet celebration!

Black Cherry

'Silent Sweetness'

A delicious Black Cherry that brings even more sweetness into your life. The kind of scent that Makes you come back for more.

Forever Friends

'Always there for You!'

A beautiful way to say you care. In powdery Pea Green and Gold, complimenting a soft and sweet scent that says 'You're very special to me'


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